Alice In Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here UK Tour Preview

Alice In Chains have not been to Leeds to play a headline show since lord knows when. After
the release of their 5th studio album, The Devil put Dinosaurs Here, they have steadily been
regaining their ground, playing festivals all over the country during the summer, to now having
their own headline tour. Speaking to Jerry Cantrell during their South American tour, he was
saying how amazed he was at the turn out and support from the fans. Also, the fact that they
had never done a headline tour over there through out their 26 year history. Back in ’87, Jerry
and Layne Staley formed a formidable song writing partnership that seemed to be

unbreakable, often harmonising the lead vocals to the effect of myself not being able to

distinguish who’s voice was who’s. Speaking about Layne, who sadly passed away in 2002,
Jerry said, “We were a solid team, we wrote most of the songs together.” – This was a subject
that I wasn’t too comfortable bringing up at all really, but Jerry insisted on saying that about
him. After Laynes passing, the band disbanded and finally reunited with William Duvall

replacing Layne, and they released their fourth studio album. Bringing it back to the present
day though, Alice In Chains released their most recent album back in May of this year.

This would be the second album with Duvall at the helm, bringing the band back to the fore
front of modern music. Are they still described as grunge? I would have to say yes, definitely
and bringing grunge back with a bang to the delight of their fans. Don’t get me wrong, that
particular genre never really disappeared, it just had it’s name ‘muddied’ if you will, but the
premature passing of Cobain, and Staley. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden kept going, but it was
obvious that Nirvana and AIC couldn’t carry on under their tragic circumstances. At least not
for a while. Again, I digress in to the history of a genre that I followed very closely all those
years ago, but I just can’t seem to help myself.

With Duvall making AIC pretty much his own now, I’m looking forward to seeing them in
action again, and looking forward to grunge finally being brought back to Leeds.

They are playing on 10th November at the O2 academy and tickets are available online. 


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